New in 2023: LARP Hawaii

LARP Hawaii is a renaissance-themed, Dungeons and Dragons-inspired, combat-oriented LARP, with RPG style faction warfare for groups and solo adventurers. With a focus on new or first-time players, we’ve play-tested a homebrewed rules system for casual players and advent adventurers.

Players can create a guild, trading company, or secessionist faction to capture, or trade with other territories, or you could help topple the Tyrant king Lord Ferdinanz Van Liechtenstiem.

Or a player can choose to become a wandering traveler looking for the next artifact, a sell sword fighting for some extra coin, a Caster delving into the ancient secrets to magika, or even a Leader of a powerful faction, ready to take the crown for your own. 

In Brehthonia, Anything is possible.

We’re featuring organizations joining us for the first time for the Hawaii Geek Meet! Our 15th annual gathering is taking place on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2023 at Magic Island!