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Join us on Sunday, July 2, 2017 at Magic Island for the tenth annual celebration of creativity, curiosity, and family.

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Here are just some of the wonderful clubs, community groups, companies and organizations joining us for our tenth anniversary!

Everyone Is A Geek About Something

About the Event

The Hawaii Geek Meet is a fun, casual, family-friendly, grassroots gathering for people who are curious and have a passion that they love to share. And we use a very inclusive, positive definition of the word “geek.” Gadget lovers, coders, designers, makers, artists… and you!


Our History

The first Hawaii Geek Meet was held on April 20, 2008, kicking off nearly a decade of this family-friendly, outdoor celebration of all things geek. Take a trip down memory lane!

Our Vision

The Hawaii Geek Meet is literally a “grassroots gathering” for creative and curious people of all ages. Learn more about how it all began.

Geek Meet Updates

Latest News

We are still working on our new website for 2017. Check back later for more information!

Get Lunch & Do Good!

Preorder a big bento lunch (or a small one) for the 10th Hawaii Geek Meet! Get fed and do good, with proceeds going to support a good cause! The Hawaii …

New Website Launched

With the 10th anniversary of the Hawaii Geek Meet coming up, we were more than overdue in redesigning our website at HawaiiGeek.com. In fact, it would be overly generous to …

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